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Happy Birthday Mrs Curtis....



Today in English, the children will be creating a poster following their plan to advertise DEAR time next week.


There are 2 videos below. Please use the video which is applicable for your child. 


Video 1 (unplugged)  is a video where chidlren ill be creating a poster not using a computer but using pens and pencils, following their plan.


Video 2 (plugged in) is a video where chidlren will be using Powerpoint to create their poster. A template poster is included below should your child wish to use the templates format. You will also see another powerpoint document. This is sized for a poster (portrait style). Use this one if your child does not want to use the template. 



Unplugged English lesson - making a poster

This video is for children who are unable to have access to a computer/laptop to create their poster, or who would prefer to draw/write it themselves. You will need pens and pencils

Plugged in English - Making a poster

Watch the video if you are making your poster on a laptop/computer. It is a long video so if your child is confident in using powerpoint and resizing/recolouring font etc, they do not need to watch it all.

Maths - T4 W1 L4 - Bar Charts Activity

Still image for this video
There are no worksheets today, instead there is an activity at the end of this video for you to complete. You will need a dice and ideally squared paper, which I have included underneath. If you don't have a dice, there is one for you to make...but only if you don't have one.
Remember, it is really important to use a ruler, and to make the bars the same thickness, with a gap in between. Take your time, and make the presentation as neat as you possibly can!
You can use the squared paper portrait or landscape

Squared paper, and Dice template should you need it!

Guided Reading

Still image for this video


SP/ LI: To identify and say the days of the week in Spanish 

I can listen carefully to the days of the week in Spanish

I can understand and say the days of the week in Spanish in order.

I can identify and say the days of the week in any order/isolation.


ADDITIONAL – I can sign the days of the week using BSL


Todays lesson is a practical lesson where you will learn the days of the week in Spanish and in British Sign Language. You may want to get your parents to test you after the lesson.

Year 3 spanish and BSL days of the week

Religious Education:

RE/ LI: To identify what I already know about why some people believe in a God. 

I can suggest why some people may believe in a God based on what I already know. 

I can express my own beliefs, values and views.  

I can listen to the beliefs, values and views of others and give them careful consideration.  

I can make connections between my beliefs and the beliefs of others. 


Still image for this video

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