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Term 1 - Paws, Claws and Whiskers








Week 1 Mulholland told us that somebody or something had been in her fridge whilst she was at work yesterday. They had eaten some of her food and drunk some of the milk! Mrs Mulholland didn't know who did it! We thought we could help her and had a look at the picture and try and guess who had been in the fridge.


We thought it may have been:

- Santa because it is nearly Christmas (and because there was milk in the picture and Santa loves milk)
- The Naughty Christmas Elves because they like to make a mess and hide away from doing it!


- and finally, some of us thought it may have been an animal like a cat or a fox because there are teeth marks on the ham and animals love to eat ham.


Week 2

Today Elm Class received letter. We were all very excited and told Mrs Mulholland to open it straight away!

We opened the letter and saw we had a letter from a Tiger telling us it was them that went into Mrs Mulholland's fridge and made the mess! Terry the Tiger (original I know) went into the fridge because he was hungry and no one was there to feed him and he said that tigers LOVE tea. To prove it he had found us a story of a tiger who had tea with a little girl called Sophie and her mum and he ate all the food from the fridge (like Mrs Mulholland's fridge).  Terry the Tiger gave us a job of ordering pictures form the story to make sure we understood the story and to remind us that 'that is just what tigers do'.

We have decided that we want to learn more about the book and Terry the Tiger.


Week 3

This week we received yet another letter from Terry the Tiger. We decided that we wanted to write back to him and invite him into school for... A TEA PARTY! We were very excited about this idea and started to come up with lots and lots of ideas! We need to think carefully and plan accordingly for the tea party next week. We CANNOT wait!!


Week 4

In forest schools this week we were we went on a bug, leaf and bird hunt. We were able to use magnifying glasses, binoculars and clip boards to help us with our findings.






Also this week we made JAM SANDWICHES for our Tea party. We followed instructions well, one step at a time to make them. In the afternoon we received a special box with a letter, some balloons and a few little gifts from Terry. Unfortunately he was unwell (had a roaring temperature) and was very upset that he couldn't make our tea party. We decided that we would have the tea party anyway as we had made the sandwiches. We had fun but all felt sad that Terry couldn't make it, so the next day with Mrs Lenotti, we all wrote to Terry saying that we missed him and hope he gets better soon.


Week 5

This week we explored non-fiction books as Mrs Mulholland received a letter from Secret Agent Morris asking us to write information text about an animal that had been spotted in London. We concluded with some of the information shared with us that it was a tiger! We were very excited gathering information and looking forward to writing up our fact file.

In computing, we worked in pairs to insert pictures online into a word document. We enjoyed doing this so much that we all managed to insert at least 2 pictures, if not even more! Mrs Mulholland and Mrs Lenotti were very impressed with our computing skills that they are going to print them off and put them up on a display board around school.

In maths, some of us were learning how to draw our own number lines to help us solve subtraction number sentences. We felt very proud of our work and enjoyed using a ruler to draw straight lines in our books.


Week 6

This week has been a VERY busy week:

  • We started off this week with an introduction of a Student Teacher who will be joining us in our class until Christmas. Miss Hunter shared with us some things that are special to her which make her happy etc. We then shared things that we like and makes us happy by drawing and writing. To finish off the session, Miss Hunter shared one of her favourite stories with us which we all enjoyed! 
  • Also this week we learnt about Rosa Parks and why she was significant in Black History, as part of our Black history Month Learning. We were all shocked and disgusted with the way white people treated Rosa and the other black people and we had some very sensible and justified discussions. We concluded that the colour of our skin does not matter and we should all be treated the same!
  • Towards the end of the week we discussed and learnt about mental health awareness as it was mental health awareness day. We discussed what it may be like to not be able to talk to people about our problems and what that can do to our own mental health. As a class we discussed who we could talk to if we had a problem and decided that a 'Problem shared is a problem halved'. We then made a class worry box in the form of a worry monster. We all had a turn painting the monster and talked about if we have any worries that we would like some help or guidance on, we can write it down on a piece of paper and put into the worry monster for an adult to help us.

Week 7

Elm class had a special visit this term from Woody the tortoise. Seeing as our topic this term was all about animals we thought a little visit from Woody would be a fun experience for the children as it’s not everyday you see a tortoise. Woody was very well behaved and we all got to have a close look at his scaly dry skin. We discussed the reasons why he was not a mammal but actually a reptile. We also learnt about the type of environment he likes to live in which lead us to look at and design different animal habitats in forest schools.

This week year 1 have had their first science day of the academic year. We were very shocked to learn that there would be no Maths or English for the day, just science, ALL DAY! To say we were excited was an understatement!
We started off the day discussing camouflage and what it means to us. We then had to try and spot animals in pictures that were hiding or being camouflage in a range of settings. It was very hard but once we looked closely, we found them! After that we went out to find some butterflies that our teachers hid. We were split into 2 teams to see which group would find the most. We discovered that the team that went first found more butterflies than the second group. Not only that, the first group found more colourful butterflies than the second group. It was very hard to find the camouflage ones and it took the whole class to find the remaining butterflies that were still hiding! When we were back in class we then record and shared our data with the rest of the children and produced a pictogram to showcase this data! To round off the day we then design our own camouflage butterfly and shared the setting they would best be camouflage in. It was a very enjoyable day and by the end of the day we could talk about why some animals were camouflage- because they don’t want to be found.