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Term 1 - Paws, Claws and Whiskers






Friday 7th September 2018

Today Mrs Mulholland told us that somebody or something had been in her fridge whilst she was at work yesterday. They had eaten some of her food and drunk some of the milk! Mrs Mulholland didn't know who did it! We thought we could help her and had a look at the picture and try and guess who had been in the fridge.


We thought it may have been:

- Santa because it is nearly Christmas (and because there was milk in the picture and Santa loves milk)
- The Naughty Christmas Elves because they like to make a mess and hide away from doing it!

- One of us said it could have been our Grandad because he loves beer and there is a bottle of beer in the fridge (I'll let you find out which child said that).

- and finally, some of us thought it may have been an animal like a cat or a fox because there are teeth marks on the ham and animals love to eat ham.


Monday 11th September 2018

Today Elm Class received parcel. We were all very excited and thought it may have been a class pet or an animal.

We opened the box and saw we had a letter from a Tiger telling us it was them that went into Mrs Mulholland's fridge and made the mess! Terry the Tiger (original I know) went into the fridge because he was hungry and no one was there to feed him and he said that tigers LOVE tea. To prove it he had found us a story of his friend Tony the Tiger ( again - original) who had tea with a little girl called Sophie and her mum and he ate all the food from the fridge (like Mrs Mulholland's fridge).  Terry the Tiger gave us a job of ordering pictures form the story to make sure we understood the story and to remind us that 'that is just what tigers do'.

We have decided that we want to learn more about the book and Terry the Tiger.