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Today we will be looking at three decimal places. 

Attached is the White Rose question sheet, which you can use alongside following the video at:

The answer sheet is also included, so that you can check your work and understand any mistakes you may have made. 


If you are hungry for more maths, please log on to and find today's date. Here you will find Bronze challenges up to Platinum challenges.

Don't forget to also log on to TT Rockstars daily!


Have fun!laugh



Your task today, is to locate countries around the world, with the highest populations. 

A 'population' is the amount of people there are in a particular place. 

Look at the two resources sheets attached below.

Use the internet, to locate the countries listed in the table on your maps. Label the countries on your map.

Now answer the questions on the fact sheet, about the population graph that is with it.



You could make a key and colour code the countries in order of their population size.


Good luck!laugh