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A Day in Reception

What happens on each day?


Each day is a little bit different and this is what makes it so fun!


In a typical day, the children in Oak and Ash classes spend short periods of time together on the carpet to share a story or learn lots of different things. We may talk about stories, discuss children's interests, learn how to paint new things or practise counting and use numbers- the list could go on! Also, we sing songs to help develop children's memories and, perhaps most importantly of all, learn how we are all special and how to treat one another.


When the children are not engaged in shared learning activities, they are free to explore the activities we have prepared for them, both inside and outside , as well as create their own games with any of the equipment we have. This gives the children a wonderful chance to learn through their play- whether that is a social skill (such as turn taking or using good manners) or a curricular area (such as using phonics to label a den which has been built). Whilst the children are busy exploring, the adults support their learning by doing activities with them and talking about their games. As we like to ensure that all children reach their potential, we will also give the children challenges to deepen their learning experiences.






Phonics- learning our letters and sounds

We also have a taught phonics session each day. The children will learn new sounds or practise how to blend sounds together to help their reading, and how to segment the sounds in words to help children to write. Once the children have begun to grasp these sounds, we will send home reading books which match their understanding; the challenge level will increase throughout the year to match the new sounds that your child can read.


Forest School, PE and Yoga

We also have Forest School sessions led by a qualified instructor, Mrs Riggall. In term 1, Ash class will visit forest school on Monday afternoon, then in term 2 Oak will have their turn. Please remember to send your child to school suitable outdoor clothing and footwear.


Beginning in term two, on Tuesday afternoons we will have a Yoga session led by Becky Newnes, a qualified children's yoga instructor.  This will take place in the school hall and the children will just require their PE kit. If you'd like to know more about this, please visit:


They will also have a weekly PE session with our PE coach once per week. This will take place on Tuesdays.  


Library Visit

Once a term we have the opportunity to go to the library and choose a book to bring back to school to share in class.