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Term 2: Once upon a Christmas

We kick start this term off learning all about Fairytale and traditional stories. We learn the key language types used such as Once upon a time and they lived happily ever after. We notice the similarities and differences in some of the stories we read in story time. 


We use the Talk4wirting approach to learn The 3 little pigs story off by heart so we can embed the key story language and sentence structure to help us use impressive vocabulary in our speaking and writing.


We learn about the festival of Diwali and Christmas and how some people from different cultures and backgrounds celebrate different things to us for example Halloween and fireworks night. We love to celebrate our differences as that is what makes us unique but we are also from the same community and work as a team to help each other. 


In maths we will learn to recognise and count numbers up to 10 through Numberblocks episodes and stories such as 1 more sheep, Find 1 more than numbers and subitise to 5. We will also use language to describe size and recognise 2D shapes.