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Spelling test week1



For Maths today, you are going to complete a big maths paper - YAY.The children are used to doing these and normally complete these independently (so treat yourself to a cuppa).


You will see there are 2 different 'Stages'. Please select the stage that you feel is appropriate for your child.


Stage 2 is year 2 level and stage 3 is year 3 level.


There will be some questions on there that we haven't covered, but if they can give them a go, then go for it. The children can answer the questions in which ever order they like.


If you have not got a printer - select a few questions for the children and display on the screen and get them to answer on a piece of paper- do not feel like you have to write out the question or feel like you need to replicate the sheet.


Sometimes if the children finish whilst the others are still working, they write us adults a question - be prepared!!!

Big Maths T4, W1

Here are 3 questions, that Miss Hunter and Miss Giocondi have gone over for you, which should help towards you completing your Big Maths today


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Guided Reading


LI: To make a colour wheel to show primary and secondary colours.

I know what the primary colours are.

 I understand how to make secondary colours.

 I can create a colour wheel to show how you make this.

Colour wheel

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