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Term 3 week 4

Hello Year 3

We hope you had a lovely weekend and you are looking forward to our penultimate week of home learnign this term.

You guys are doing sooooooooooooo amazing - we hope you are ready for a fun week ahead. This week we have a bit of a 'Chinese' theme as it is almost Chinese New Year.


Just a reminder, if you want to go over the chapters of our key text- survivor-escaping Pompeii, there is a page link where all the chapters are kept that we have been sharing with you all term, but in one place. 


Here you'll find the home learning for the week.

Please carry on with:

- Daily reading; - Spelling practise; - Times Table Rock Stars or Numbots; - Your home learning project.


Thank you for everything that you're doing. Your support is very much appreciated.

If at all you have any issues, please do let us know and we will respond as quickly as we can to help you.

If your child is in and out of school due to your shifts, please can you keep any English work in their bag and let the child know if they are in school the next day or not, so we can photo copy any work which may support with their writing week story. If your child doesn’t have the work, please do not worry, we may be able to send it to you or them at school through the powers of emails but may be helpful if you keep it in their bag. Obviously we will try our best as well to send home if we know they are not in. WE WANT WINNERS!!!! 🤩

If your child needs adapted spellings we will email you by 8am on 1.2.21. If you do not receive the email, please take it your child will have these year 3 spellings. Any concerns please get in contact.

Number bond sheets - For the times table grid, tell your child which tables to multiply by. Order - 20,100, x2,divide 2, x5,divide5, and follow the pattern for 10,3,4,


You will also see the addition of speed tables. Children will need to look at the number along the side and the number at the top and write the correct answer in corresponding boxes. The idea is to time the children and see if over a few days etc they can answer quicker. You can change the numbers in the box to simplify or make harder.



Espresso is a really useful website which allows you to search for videos, images, or interactive activities which help support your child with wither learning. They have resources for all Primary ages. If you have a spare 5 minutes, each week they upload a weekly digest of child friendly news. The children really enjoy the news videos mostly because at the end there is an opportunity to test your knowledge with a quiz. Click the link below and have an explore.               log in: student17015                       password -  cuxton 

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