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This term, year 5 will be learning all about Ancient Egypt. We will begin with some geography work about where in the world Egypt is and why the River Nile was (and still is) so important to the Ancient Egyptians. We will then learn about some of the historical aspects of Ancient Egypt: King Tut; Egyptian Gods; mummification; Hieroglyphics; Roles in Ancient Egyptian society. By the end of the term, we should all be able to 'Walk like an Egyptian!'


We will be reading the text, Ma'at's Feather by Juliet Desailly in English lessons. This exciting story has the following blurb:


As a young boy born to a farming family in ancient Egypt, Qen's future seems to be mapped out for him. He wants nothing more than to join his father and older brother planting and harvesting the fertile land on the floodplain of the river Nile, and to be selected as part of a team helping to build a great temple.

Fate, however, has other things in store for the boy. His older brother, Amenopet, wants more from life. He dreams of a life of luxury, and sees Qen as his means of obtaining just that, involving Qen in an adventure he would much rather avoid.


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