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Please recap phonics sounds we have learnt over the last few weeks with a  focus on last weeks phonemes ai, ee, igh, oa. Read words and short sentences with these in. 

suggested activities:

  • Phonics splat- put the sound cards out on the floor- say a sound- can you splat it first? 
  • Put sounds out in a row that make a word e.g. r  ai  n- jump on the phonics cards and say the sounds then

        blend to read the word.

  • I-spy phonics- Play i spy an object beginning with the sound   d- door. (To make the game easier you can say all of the sounds- can they blend them together to say the word-   d   oor   -  door).
  • Read books together- Use Collins e-books website for the Little Wandle books matched to your child's reading level.





We have been learning about animals that live in very cold places e.g. penguins, polar bears, arctic foxes, seals. Choose an animal to find out about, draw and label it e.g.  teeth, tail, feet, (N.B- encourage children to sound the word out to write the sounds they don't have to spell it correctly- if they are saying and writing the right sounds we are very happy. Of course help them spell the word correctly but the children's main skill focus is hearing and saying the right sounds they hear in the words e.g. wight, bodee) 





We are recognising numbers 1-10- Please play games that help the children learn these numbers. 

suggested activities:

  • Hide and seek numbers- hide the numbers 1-10- can they find them, recognising them, order them, count and match objects (Challenge- what is 1 more than the number? Can you show me a way to make the number e.g. 2+2 is 4, 3 and 3 is 6 etc) 
  • Play with puzzles- count the pieces together 
  • Play board games with numbers on- can they recognising the numbers, count the spaces accurately 


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