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This Term:


This term our Key Text is Percy the Parkkeeper - After the Storm, written by Nick Butterworth.


Please find below a video of the story if you do not have a copy and a range of actvities you can complete around the book.

After The Storm - A Percy The Park Keeper story read by Nick Butterworth

Nick Butterworth reads his classic story "After The Storm".A storm is raging outside and Percy the park keeper is having a sleepless night. When he gets up t...


Talk about when you have heard a storm.

What is like when you can hear strong wind and heavy rain outside?

How do you feel? 

Click here to listen to storm sound clip on youtube to inspire you. Draw and write about your experience on a piece of paper. Remember to use your senses. 


Do you know what happened at the beginning of the story?    

 (There was a storm)



Do you know what happened in the middle of the story

(Percy went to check the storm damage in the park. He found that the big oak tree had blown down. The animals were sad as this was their home. Percy and the animals searched the park for another tree for them to live in. They fell into the water. 



Do you know what happened at the end of the story?    

(The animals all worked together to create a new home in the tree)



TASK: Click here to print 5 pictures from the story. Can you put them in order and re-tell the story verbally? If you can’t print the pictures off you could draw your own. 

Get thinking...

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