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Week 1 - 18.4.22


Welcome back. The first week of maths in school this term is a consolidation week. 1st 2 days we will be looking at subtraction and how to subtract using a number line or the drawing circles and crossing out method.

After that, we will move onto missing numbers and using a bar model to support this. A powerpoint and questions have been provided below.

And to round off the week, children will be exploring digits and their values in numbers. Below is a powerpoint and the resources needed to explore and create numbers using only digits 0-9 once following statements. 

Week 2 - 25.4.22

Count in 2s

Count in 5s

Count in 10s activity

Make equal groups activity

Activity - no workbook needed

Week 3 -2.5.22

Make equal groups

Adding equal groups

Make arrays activity

Activity - no workbook needed

Make arrays

Week 4 - 9.5.22

Make doubles

Making equal groups - grouping activity

Activity - no workbook needed

Make equal groups

Make equal groups - sharing activity

Activity - No workbook needed

Make equal groups - sharing

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